Titbits Mεzέδεs

Grilled vegetables 5.80€

(with mozzarella and pesto)

Spicy meat balls 5.50€
(with tomato sauce and pinecone)


Courgette balls 4.80€

with manouri cheese & feta cheese

“Rakosyllektes”  6.60€
(small pieces of spicy meat with sesame and herbs)

Grilled Haloumi cheese 4.80€

Moroccan roll  6.50€
(stuffed crepe pastry sheet with tuna, caper& herbs)

“Ntakos” 4.00€

“Volcano” 5.00€
(white cheese with spicy sauce)

Fried fresh potatoes with herbs 2.50€

Fresh steamed mussels 6.80€

Shrimps* saganaki 9.80€

Grilled mushrooms 7.20€

Potato salad 4.70€

with vegetables, yoghurt & coriander

Risotto 7.80€

Risotto with wild mushrooms and truffle oil 

Kagianas with pork  ......7.00€
(eggs with peppers, apaki and sausage)

“Solomakia”  ......6.50€
(salmon croquettes with herbs)

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